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The overarching purpose of AIRMULP project is analysing the role played by the social partners in the field of active inclusion at European, national and territorial levels and in particular:

- What are the policy objectives and strategies of social partners at European, national and territorial level to overcome the challenges related to active inclusion?

- To what extent are their actions at the various levels horizontally coordinated through actions that integrate the various policy fields and social groups important for active inclusion (e.g. youth employment and vocational training; active ageing and youth employment; in- and out of work benefits, etc.)?

- To what extent are their actions vertically coordinated (top-down and bottom-up), i.e. between the European, national and territorial level? Here a key issue is the question how the European Framework Agreement on Inclusive Labour Markets 2010 has been implemented and evaluated.

- How can social partners in the future contribute to the strengthening of active inclusion strategies the different levels (European, national, territorial).


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