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19. Participation in training and education in AIRMULP countries - Chart 19



The graph shows national differences in adult participation in lifelong learining within AIRMULP countries. Participation in education and training is a measure of lifelong learning and encompasses all learning activities undertaken throughout life (after the end of initial education) with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competences. The data from the EU Labour Forces Survey refers to people aged 25 to 64 and highlights differences between employed and unemployed persons.  Lifelong learining is well developed in Sweden, where the level of participation in formal and informal education is the highest across AIRMULP countries, and, more in general, across EU member states. High percentages of people engaged in adult education belong to both employed and unemployed. However, participation rate is very high for unemployed people, who are normally involved in active labour market policies. Above the EU-28 average, but well below the Swedish threshold, we find UK and France, where, on the contrary, employed persons participate more than unemployed. Finally, Spain is close to the EU average while in Italy and especially in Poland participation rates are particularly low. Although education and training have a prominent place in Europe 2020 strategy, since they empower people to participate in society and in the labour market, increasing economic growth as well as social inclusion, the implementation of adult learning is still weak in many EU countries. 

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